C H R I S  M A C K




Old Soul 


Lover of liturgy


Sushi knife, sushi life

Cowboy at heart

Single malt, neat



Mama to Norah 

Lover of whimsy


Burritos are life

Hug a thug

Gin & Tonic

N A T A L I E  M A C K

Hey there! We’re Natalie and Chris - the folks behind Rebel Fox Photography. We got married a year to the day after our first date, and wholeheartedly believe that when you find your person, you just know. 


Your story is different; it’s beautiful, hard, joyful, inspiring and unique in ways that others will never fully understand. But that’s what makes it yours. And it got you here - to the place where committing the rest of your lives to one another is the only thing that really makes sense. 


Come on! That’s the best! 


We’re committed to capturing who you are as a couple - all the details that make your love original. Your wedding photos shouldn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s because, well, you’re not everyone else. We want to help capture that - the reason you fell in love in the first place. Your story. 

So we say: Let's not be cookie-cutter. Let's be rebels