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We've been given a lot and believe that it's both a responsibility and a privilege to give back. 


The Rafiki Foundation has spent more than 30 years establishing orphanages and schools in 10 different countries in Africa. Children there are given the opportunity to grow up in a safe, joyful and nurturing environment, and are provided with unrivaled educational opportunities, from pre-school to college. Rafiki also provides jobs and training opportunities for widows. All are given access to the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ's amazing, saving grace.

Natalie began volunteering with Rafiki in Nigeria in 2006, and has returned several times since. Chris and Natalie traveled to Malawi together in 2019 and were able to spend several weeks capturing the beauty of the people and the incredible work that Rafiki is doing in the community. 

We know there are many organizations doing great work all around the globe, but few are doing it so well. We wholeheartedly support the work and mission of The Rafiki Foundation, and Rebel Fox is proud to contribute a portion of all proceeds to furthering it's cause.

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